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Lauren Clapp, LMSW

Jesse Yarbrough, LCSW

So much in our lives is shaped by the way we see ourselves. As a strengths-based therapist, I use warmth, empathy and curiosity to help you see yourself clearly so you can enjoy a more satisfying life.


I started my career by working with LGBTQ+ young people, and in the years since, I have worked with clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. I have helped my clients with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, exploration of sexuality and gender, and more. 

Lauren Clapp, LMSW

There are lots of reasons people come to therapy. You may be looking for support navigating big (or small!) life changes, want help gaining insight into frustrating patterns of behavior, or a place to explore and heal from trauma; however I don't believe there is a wrong reason to ask for help. 

I have over 5 years of experience providing direct care to LGBTQ populations, people living with HIV and chronic illness, trauma survivors, TGNB folk, nonprofit employees, and those involved in social justice work experiencing burnout. I take a client-centered, flexible approach to care- I have experience in DBT, CBT, relational, and psychodynamic therapies.

Therapy is not a quick fix, and it can be hard work, but my belief is this: while we live in a time of uncertainty, fear, and isolation, our greatest strength is our ability to connect and form relationships with each other. You don’t have to go through it alone, and together we can work to build you a more joyful life. 

Francisco Rivera, LMSW

The newest member of our team at Affirming Psychotherapy! Bio coming soon.

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